Plant a billion Tree Planting

Plant a billion


Through the ambitious project 'Plant a Billion Trees', The Nature Conservancy is focused on improving the loss of biodiversity and climate change. As a major forest restoration effort, they're protecting the earth from deforestation. And, by planting trees and regrowing forests, future generations can expect cleaner water, fresher air and healthier futures. Find out more >

  • Science-Based
  • Conservation Focus
  • Global Reach

Why we Plant a billion:

The sheer scale and ambition behind Plant a Billion Trees is inspiring. They support reforestation across the globe in countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania and the USA. And by redeeming your credit, you can Gift a Tree and ensure they're able to reach this highly ambitious target for a greener planet. What's more, the results will benefit us all, from cleaner drinking water to hydroelectricity for millions to better protection for native species of plants and animals and a curb on climate change.

What they say:

The Plant a Billion Trees campaign is a major restoration effort launched by the Nature Conservancy in 2008. Starting out with the aim of restoring Brazil's Atlantic Forest, its since evolved to include projects in the US, China and now further afield in Kenya and Tanzania. As a science-based organisation, The Nature Conservancy has scientists and staff working with networks of in-country partners across all countries where the initiative is active. By working in partnership with governments, forestry companies, NGO's and local cooperatives and communities, they give technical guidance and support to ensure results. Plant a Billion Trees is based on the premise that if natural climate solutions such as tree planting is mobilised by 2030, they can provide almost 40% of the needed carbon mitigation to reach global targets. But if action is delayed for another ten years, the number drops closer to 30% and by 2050 is closer to 20%. Clearly, waiting is not an option. And that's why Plant a Billion Trees aims to reduce carbon emissions through reforestation and with it, the ever-increasing threat from the climate.

Key Information

  • The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951.
  • They've impacted 72 countries.
  • Plant a Billion Trees launched in 2008. They've impacted Brazil, China, Mexico, US, Kenya and Tanzania,