Our mission

Here at Buy Green we want to help people to use their powers as consumers for good. We were founded in early 2021 with the goal of helping to speed up the transition to a greener global community. It's a big ambition, and we have exciting plans for the next few years, you can join our email program to stay on top of what we are up to, to start with we are focusing on raising funds for tree planting charities and carbon offsetting projects.

Our Mission

The gift that doesn't cost the earth

The first step on the way to our goal is to provide people with a sustainable alternative to standard gifting options. Our tree planting and carbon neutral gift cards give our customers a way to mark a special event with a truly sustainable option - a welcome alternative to yet another toiletry gift set or pair of socks. Our cards are the only waste in our supply chain so we made sure they are fully recyclable, made with FSC approved paper and use biodegradable lamination so that even they have the minimum possible impact on the environment. If you want to find out more about our cards, how we chose the charities and projects we work with and how we allocate funds then please visit our How it works page.

The gift that doesn't cost the earth

Our journey continues

Our gift cards are just the first step on our journey to help give people sustainable shopping choices. We are working towards providing customers with a whole host of resources that help them understand exactly how they can make small changes that will make all the difference in turning the tide on climate change. Our goal is to provide tools to understand which aspects of your lifestyle might be useful to change and tools to help you make those changes.

Our Journey

But it is not just about individual behaviour

In our view one of the best ways to affect big issues is to force global brands and governments to change their ways. And sadly the past has shown us that the best way to do this is to threaten their revenue. We want to help people to use their power as consumers to pressure brands into changing their ways. We plan to provide completely independent, no-holds-barred, assessments of the most popular household brands so that customers can judge for themselves which brands match their values.

Our Behavious

How we spend our revenues

We want to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions about this that we have not answered here, or on our FAQ pages then please contact us. We genuinely want what we do to have maximum impact. This is why we seek to pass on as much of the revenue from our activities to causes that benefit the climate crisis as possible. We aim to pass on all of our proceeds from our charity gift cards to the amazing causes listed on our projects pages. The only costs that come out of the card value between when our customers buy them and the charities receive the funds are retailer commissions (typically 10%) and card production and processing fees. We are a for-profit organisation, because we believe that adopting this model will allow us to grow and expand quickly, but we do not plan to make profits from any activity where a charity is the intended beneficiary.

How we spend our revenues