Where can I buy your gift cards?

To start with our gift cards will be available in store at most ASDAs and WH Smiths. You can also purchase our cards online at ASDA with further outlets coming soon.

How did you arrive at the amount of CO2 per person per year?

There is a range of different estimates out there - we opted to use the official estimates provided by the European Comission's Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) which latests estimates have the CO2 emissions per person in the UK at 5.45 tonnes CO2e. So if you have a 3 month card we will retire credits equivalent to 1.36 tonnes of CO2e on your behalf and if you have a 6 month card it will be 2.73 tonnes.

How do you select your carbon offsetting projects?

We selected the projects included in the Buy Green Carbon Fund based on a range of factors. We needed to ensure that there was a range of projects across different themes/ issues so we could cover most customer interests. Our selection criteria starts with the strict rule that all offsetting projects must be accredited by either VERRA or Gold Standard.

How do you select your forestry projects?

Our approach has been that all projects need to be registered charities that can demonstrate the value they have been adding to the protection of trees or reforestation. We have also started to review charities who look at wider forestry issues including biodiversity protection. If you have a forestry charity you would like to see included please use the contact us form and include a link to the charity website.

Can you certify me Carbon Neutral?

We cannot issue certification. We can assure you that we have retired offset credits in advance of selling our gift cards to the public and will allocate the correct tonnage to each card that is redeemed.

How do I stay up to date with my project?

If you opt in to our mailing list when you redeem your gift card then we can keep you up to date on your chosen project.