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Trees For Change


Trees for Change believe in the importance of maintaining our planet's eco-systems through the planting of trees. As an initiative of the charity Islamic Help, Trees For Change have planted almost 100,000 trees and saplings at their children's Echo Arena in Tanzania. With your help they can continue to grow. Find out more >

  • Registered UK Charity
  • Islamic Help Initiative
  • Global Reach

Why we Trees For Change:

We love that Islamic Help have a tree planting initiative in Trees For Change. Starting out with a successful reforestation project in Tanzania, their work has led to the planting of over 30,000 trees and 68,000 saplings and a better harvest for local communities. With a mission to maintain the planet's eco-systems, Trees for Life aim to meet the obligations of the Islamic Faith while tackling the negative effects that deforestation can have on vulnerable communities around the world.

What they say:

Deforestation doesn't just impact the natural environment, it prevents vulnerable communities gaining access to the natural resources they need. Planting trees has far reaching impacts, not only for the environment but on the vulnerable communities who need them. Trees For Change are leading the change on this by supporting and educating communities on utilising natural resources to bring long-standing change to their communities. With projects based in Tanzania, Bangladesh and Jordan, Trees for Change is a long-term strategy of UK charity Islamic Help. Their key project was planting tens of thousands of trees and saplings in a plant nursery at their Children's Eco Villa in Tanzania. These trees and saplings now provide fresh harvests of fruit and vegetables for impoverished families, who can look forward to a more sustained income and livelihood as a result of the initiative. Trees For Change believe that educating communities on how to make use of their environment results longer standing change for the better.

Key Information

  • Backed by Islamic Help
  • registered charity established 17 years
  • 3 project sites - Tanzania, Bangladesh, Jordan.