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We Forest


Stopping deforestation and removing excess carbon from the atmosphere are two key ways we can stay below a dangerous temperature rise of 2 degrees. Leading the charge on this are We Forest, a science-backed global collective with a mission to empower communities and bring lasting solutions to forest restoration. By supporting them, you'll be helping restore 100 million trees by 2024. Find out more >

  • Science-Based
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Global Reach

Why we We Forest:

We Forest have some really exciting goals of reducing carbon emissions and restoring 100 million trees by 2024. They're a global team headquartered in Belgium with real integrity and passion. They often work in partnerships to drive innovative and lasting solutions in forest conservation. By collaborating with large-scale investment partners, We Forest also deliver exciting projects like impact marketing for green-led consumers and carbon credits from supporting long-term tree growth.

What they say:

Global temperature rises are a significant threat to the planet, and staying below a rise of 2 degrees requires a collective, global effort. With a simple solution of restoring the balance through the restoration of nature, We Forest exists as a global movement to reforest trees and reduce carbon emissions. Remaining below a 2 degree temperature rise requires the restoration of forest areas of up to 350m hectares--the size of India--by 2030. And with a global team backed by a scientific network, We Forest has a vision for a world where communities and nations can sustainably manage their forests and natural resources for the benefit of the climate, the environment and of humanity. We Forest empower communities to deliver reforestation by building lasting scientific and corporate partnerships. Their approaches include forest framework planting, agroforestry and assisted natural regeneration. Their work also contributes to the UN's Development Goals such as 1- No Poverty, 5 - Zero Hunger, 13 - Climate Action.

Key Information

  • HQ in Belgium.
  • Staff in France, Ethiopia and Zambia.
  • Projects in Brazil, Senegal, Tanzania and India.
  • Global scientific and corporate partnerships.