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Tree Aid

Climate and Poverty Support

Tree Aid works with people in the drylands of Africa to tackle the devastating effects of poverty and the climate crisis. By planting and growing trees, they enable livelihoods to flourish while protecting land from future threats. Tree Aid takes action on climate change and poverty by providing greener future environments and stronger economic futures. Find out more >

  • Registered Charity
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Africa Focus

Why we Tree Aid:

We love that Tree Aid takes a multi-layered approach to tackling a number of issues. By giving local communities the chance to grow their own trees, protect their land and start their own businesses, they're not only reducing the impact of climate change but they give people the chance to support themselves economically. By supporting this UK charity, you'll help them work with communities in Africa to tackle hunger, poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.

What they say:

Due to the climate crisis, soil in the drylands of Africa is losing its fertility at an alarming rate. Local people are now unable to grow food as they once did and rates of poverty are increasing. What's more, 4M hectares of forest across Africa is being lost every year. Not only does this have a devastating impact on the environment, but leaves communities without the resources they once had to grow their own crops and run their own businesses. Trees have significant importance to the livelihoods of African dryland communities, for example, providing the fire needed for cooking foods. But without proper training, trees used to create fires for cooking can lead to outbreaks of bushfires. And with low levels of rain, bushfires can spread and devastate communities. On top of this, a lack of rainwater stops trees and crops from growing as they should, which is why Tree Aid is working on the ground with communities to help them protect their land and sustain businesses. Tree Aid is currently working on community projects to support over 300 million people whose lives are devastated by a lack of fertile land and the climate crisis.

Key Information

  • Based in Bristol, UK
  • Run projects across Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Ethiopia
  • Helped 1.8M people grow over half a million trees.