Trees for life Ancient Forest Rewilding

Trees for life

Ancient Forest Restoration

Trees for Life is an award-winning charity dedicated to restoring the ancient woodlands of the Scottish Caledonian Forest. By supporting Trees for Life, you enable the development and cultivation of wild forests in the Highlands of Scotland. Your donation will also provide safe spaces for wildlife to flourish. Find out more >

  • Registered Charity
  • Community Driven
  • Scottish Highlands

Why we Trees for life:

Trees for Life is a really exciting Scottish charity with a vision to transform the wild Caledonian Forests of the Highlands and provide much sought after protection for both wildlife and local communities. They're big on rewilding, which means they're committed to supporting diversity in land use and sustainability for rural communities. By supporting their holistic approach to climate change and biodiversity, you'll help Trees For Life continue to protect the future of the Scottish Highlands.

What they say:

For thousands of years, vibrant woodland areas covered massive areas of the UK. Providing complex eco-systems, they allowed nature and wildlife to thrive. Today, just 2% of the UK's land surface consists of ancient woodland. Legal loopholes have allowed new developments to remove many areas, leaving the UK's long standing woodlands without protection. As a UK registered charity, Trees For Life are rewilding the ancient Caledonian Forest of the Scottish Highlands in order to rebuild communities and allow wildlife to thrive. Rewilding is an holistic approach to wildlife cultivation and Trees For Life are ambitious in achieving ground-breaking ways to rewild the Scottish Highlands. Along with deforestation they also tackle fragmentation once, where natural areas are broken up and undermined by urbanisation and agriculture. Fragmentation leads to the 'edge effect', where species struggle to survive in new weather conditions and aren't able to migrate due to climate change.

Key Information

  • Established in 1993
  • Rewilding ancient Scottish Highlands
  • By 1950 only 1% of original Caledonian Forest remained