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Woodland Heritage is a membership organisation that's been uniting people with a passion for trees for 25 years. By redeeming your donation, you'll support the proper management of British Trees and ensure quality within the timber supply chain. With royal patronage, this UK charity enhances the skills and knowledge of everyone involved in forestry and timber production. Find out more >

  • Membership Body
  • Conservation Focus
  • UK Based

Why we Woodland Heritage:

Woodland Heritage really inspires us in the way it unites people with a passion for trees. Those working with wood or in the timber industry, such as timber merchants and furniture retailers, get the chance to give something back to the supply chain while making a contribution to the proper management of British trees. Since 2009, Woodland Heritage has invested in research to tackle the problem of Acute Oak Decline (AOD). By supporting, you'll protect more trees and Britain's timber supply chain.

What they say:

Trees form a huge part of all of our lives, but not enough investment is made in how they're being managed. With problems like Acute Oak Decline (AOD) and climate change leading to significant losses of Elm and Ash trees, Woodland Heritage exists as a membership body for 'tree people'. It's a driving force in tackling problems from the root all the way through to the end of the wood and timber supply chain. Featuring royal patronage from HRH The Prince of Wales and with a history of 25 years of supporting the timber industry, Woodland Heritage runs a series of projects that engage wider members with the issues and tackle problems head-on. With 2M invested into supporting Acute Oak Decline, Woodland Heritage also launched the 'Action Oak' initiative in 2018 to continue to preserve our Oak trees. They also run Whitney Sawmills, a timber supplier while offering grants, awards, bursaries and workshops to expand the knowledge of members and impact of their work. Hundreds of businesses and individuals support their work to increase everyone's enjoyment of British woodland areas.

Key Information

  • Founded in 1993.
  • £2M pledged into research on Acute Oak Decline.
  • Started 'Action Oak' charity in 2018. Grant-giving membership body