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Woodland Trust

Woodland Conservation

The Woodland Trust is the UK's largest conversation charity focused on building a greener future for the UK's woodland areas. Their work spans tree planting, restoring ancient woodlands, protecting wildlife and nurturing over 1,000 woods across the UK. By supporting this long-standing charity, you'll help them add more trees to the 50 million they've planted in the UK since 1972. Find out more >

  • Registered Charity
  • Conservation Focus
  • UK Based

Why we Woodland Trust:

We're proud to showcase the UK's largest woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust. Thanks to their work and support from donors, over 1,000 woods have been saved in the last 10 years. And with the climate emergency ever-growing, today they're planting trees across the UK to help with reducing carbon emissions and protect areas from increased threats of flooding. Over 3M trees were planted, distributed and sold in 2018 and by supporting you can help them continue this great work.

What they say:

The UK's woods and trees face many challenges and pressures ranging from the growth in urban areas to pollution and climate change. With so few ancient woodland areas left in the UK, many tree and woodland species are under threat from extinction. What's more, the UK is seeing a rise in the number of pests and diseases that are attacking our precious oak trees and destroying the natural landscape. By focusing on protecting the UK's woodlands and conserving the natural habitat, the Woodland Trust continues to plant trees, protect woods and lobby for change. With woodland cover increasing, due to the planting of non-native trees woodland wildlife is now decreasing. And this shows much more needs to be done to protect woodland areas in the right way. The Woodland Trust has planted over 50 million trees since they formed in 1972, and have since created a set of priority actions to tackle the state of the UK's woods and trees. These include expanding woodland tree cover, enhancing and protecting existing woods and trees, improving evidence and investing in the future.

Key Information

  • Established 1972.
  • Saved 1,172 woods in the last decade.
  • Revived 34,000 hectares of ancient woodlife.