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Trees For Cities is the only UK charity working on both a national and international scale to support lasting environmental change in towns and cities. Pests and disease are rising in urban areas, and tree planting is a key way to reduce the effect of climate change. Trees for Cities are planting a range of diverse tree species across the UK and the world. Find out more >

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Why we Trees For Cities:

Trees For Cities have been around for a while starting out as Trees for London back in 1993. And they've had an enormous impact on UK and International urban areas during that time. In total, they've planted over 1.2 million trees and drawn on the support of over 2,000 employees to deliver projects in 27 cities. We think they're doing splendid work to encourage local communities to develop healthier spaces, woodlands and get excited about growing and eating their own healthy produce.

What they say:

The impact of climate change can already be felt by us all. Not only are there rising rates of disease and pest infestation developing in urban areas due to warmer winters and drier summers but the UK's favourite trees - Ash, Oak and Horse Chestnut--are also under threat. With London's trees removing over 2,200 tonnes of air pollution each year, Trees For Cities are on a mission to encourage more tree planting in cities along with greener, healthier lifestyles for everyone. They also work to create urban woodland spaces by planting thousands of trees every year in much-needed spaces around the UK. Along with their Urban Trees initiative, the charity also supports schools with getting children involved in greener activities at the earliest possible stage. Initiatives include teaching playgrounds and food growing resources that help children learn to enjoy the benefits of growing their own produce. Their high impact international work includes planting 200,000 trees in countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia and Peru.

Key Information

  • More than 1M trees planted since 1993.
  • 125,000 volunteers engaged.
  • 16,456 kids learnt about trees and healthy eating in 2019.